Letter to Editor of Lutheran Forum, and some website updates

A letter to the editor in the Christmas/Winter issue of Lutheran Forum refers to the phrase “Where orthodoxy is optional, sooner or later orthodoxy will be proscribed” as “Neuhaus’ law.” A letter to the editor by the Center Director in the Easter/Spring issue quotes the following statement by Arthur Carl Piepkorn from 1937: “Church history reveals a…formula for the penetration of unbelief, repeated…in modern Protestantism with disheartening uniformity: First the demand for toleration, then the demand for equal rights, finally the use of the ecclesiastical machinery for the disenfranchisement and suppression of the dissident orthodox minority.” (“The Contribution of the Lutheran Church to American Protestantism,” Augustana Quarterly, October 1937). Richard John Neuhaus, who was a student of Piepkorn, has since told the director that he does not know the origin of the formula but recalls that Augustine says something very much like it against the Donatists.

Richard O. Johnson reviewed Volume 2 in the January Forum Letter. Ralph Klein’s appeared in Currents in Theology and Missions. and the Catholic Historcial Review They should appear some time in Pro Ecclesia, the Lutheran Quarterly, the Concordia Journal, Condordia Theological Quarterly, Dialog and First Things.

The Perpetua and Felicitas, Martyrs 2008 Newsletter went out on March 7. It is much shorter than the last one, All Saints Day, 2007. 
1. Website now easier to navigate 
2. Piepkorn on the Sacred Ministry and the Church (Presentation made by the Director) 
3. “The Beloved, Legendary Piepkorn,” by George Lindbeck
4. Edward H. Schroeder on Arthur Carl Piepkorn – Expanded 
5. Update on Volume 2 of the Selected Writings of Arthur Carl Piepkorn. 
 >Price increase (from $21.95 to $22.00) 
 >How to do a computerized search of Volume 2 
 >Description and ordering information on the Website 
>Seminarians and other students’ special
 >Latest libraries to order it 
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 >Book reviews by Tavard, Klein and Schroeder 
>”What Others Are Saying” about Volume 2
6. Donate a Copy of Volume 2 
7. Progress Report on Volumes 3 and 4 
8. Needed: A copy of the Concordia Triglotta

“The Beloved, Legenday Piepkorn” and the Book Reviews and “What Others Are Saying” are all available on this website. Item 4. will be added at some point.

There are now multiple ways to navigate this website (see on the “Welcome” page and at the top and bottom of all pages). Many pages have been added or added to. One of the new pages is “Patron of the Arts.”

Volume 2 is being used in at least one Lutheran seminary course, and as a required text in a Lutheran University.

A NEW Page, “The Beloved, Legendary Piepkorn” has been added to this website. It contains the comments that George Lindbeck, Robert L. Wilken, and David Lotz, made about Blessed Arthur Carl Piepkorn on the 25th Anniversary of his death. 
  Also on that page is “Arthur Carl Piepkorn, a Saint?”, which contains comments by those three scholars and and Richard John Neuhaus about Father Piepkorn’s saintly character. If you did not know Piepkorn personally, reading this page is a must.

If you own the book, please post a REVIEW on Search Google Books and/or on WorldCat.org.

Photos of the Director are now posted on “The Director and Mt. Whitney” page.