Bookstore Orders


Updated 4/08

We offer discounts of 20-40% depending on how many you order and will work with small bookstores on the number of copies needed.

Unsold or damaged copies may be returned.

We are open to placing books on consignment.

We guarantee on time delivery for class textbook orders if you give us two weeks’ notice to 860-478-6121 or the XXX, which is there to foil website crawlers).

These bookstores have ordered the number of books listed:

Concordia University, Bronxville, NY: 15 copies (most or all for a class). 
Concordia Seminary, St. Louis: 4 copies.

The Concordia Seminary, Ft. Wayne, Bookstore has not ordered the book, but we have sold ten copies directly to seminarians or vicars.

>> ALL foreign language in the text and important foreign language in the notes has been translated. This makes Volume 2 a primer of the technical terms of confessional Lutheran theology that a student to can use to learn the terms in context. 
>>There are many editorial footnotes by the editor, who was the last student to receive a doctorate under Piepkorn and has spent thousands of hours working in the Piepkorn Papers and reading and editing his published and unpublished works, sermons and correspondence. 
>> Volume 2 has more pages and more text than Volume 1, but because the paper is thinner and the inner margins wider, the book is much easier to read and copy from than Volume 1. 
>> Volume 2 can be previewered and searched with concondance like results on (search on the title). The search results can be viewed as they would appear in a concordance, or the program can take the researcher from occurrence to occurrence through the whole book. It is not possible, however, to read the whole book or to copy and paste.

Any questions, please contact the Director at 860-478-6121 or (Remove the ###, which is there to foil web crawlers.)