In November 2007 ALPB Books published a second edition of The Church, ed. Michael Plekon and William Wiecher. It was given the designation “Volume 1 of the Selected Writings of Arthur Carl Piepkorn.” 1000 copies were run and more than 500 have been given away or sold as of January 2012. There are no substantive differences between it and the 1993 edition. Copies may be ordered from alpb.org or by calling Donna Roche at 607-746-7511.

THE ALPB HAS JUST LOWERED THE PRICE OF VOLUME 1 (second edition 2006) from $17.00 to $15.00. I think S&H is still $3.50. ALPB was founded by members of the LCMS and many are very active in it. LCMS Assistant Editor of the THE LUTHERAN FORUM is a member of the LCMS. You should read his article on

Copies may also be ordered from the Arthur Carl Piepkorn Center for $15.00, but only if an order is placed for Volume 2 at the same time. Ordering information is on the “Volume 2 Ordering Information page.”

Volume 2 costs more than Volume 1 because it contains more pages and more text, and because all foreign language in the text, and important foreign language in Piepkorn’s endnotes, have been translated in Volume 2. Also many editorial footnotes have been added.

Foreign language: Foreign language was not translated in the 1993 or 2006 editions of Volume 1. However, if you cannot read a foreign language term in Volume 1, go to books.google.com and search for “The Sacred Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions.” Then search in that volume for the word or phrase and you may be able to find a translation. A glossary to foreign terms in both volumes is also available gratis by email attachment from The ACP Center.

ERRATA for Volume 1. An Errata sheet is essential for both the 1993 and the 2007 editions of The Church. One may be obtained for free by email attachment by requesting it from the ACP Center.

REMINDER: If all you want is a copy of Volume 1, The Church,, you MUST order if from alpb.org or 607-746-7511. If you also want a copy of Volume 2, you may be able to purchase a copy of Volume 1 at the same time from the ACP Center if copies are on hand. See ordering information on the “Volume 2 Ordering Information” page.