Computerized Searches


Go to and search on the title of the book.

You will be able to:
~view the front and back covers 
~preview randomly selected sections of the book 
~do a computerized search of the entire book a limited number of times 
~see a computer generated list of key words and phrases used in the book (Click on them to see concordance-like results. Like computerized seraches this can only be done a limited number of times.) 
~read reviews posted by others 
~post your own review (PLEASE do this and email the Director to say you have done it) 
~see a partial list of libraries that have the book 
~see a map showing all places mentioned in the book (Click on the pin to see the reference) 
~go to the ACP Center website by clicking on the publisher

To search the book find the “Search in this book” box. 
It is located on the bottom of the right side panel of the first page that comes up and also near the bottom right of the “About this book” page. 
Enter the word you want to search for and click “Go.” A concordance-like list of where the word occurs will come up. Click on the page number of any reference you want to see in context. Use the magnifying glass icons to shrink or enlarge the page. Click on the “Full screen” icon to fill the screen. Use the blue arrows to go the preceding or following pages. The program does not allow one to read all of the book or to copy a quotation in order to paste it into a word processor.