Lutheran Forum/Forum Letter

Lutheran Forum/Forum Letter is one of the best deals around. You get 4 issues of LF and 12 issues of FL for only $26.95/yr. or $48.95/2 yrs. That is far below production costs and for students and any retiree the cost is only $21.50 a year! ALPB, PO Box 327, Delhi, NY 13753-0327. Or call Donna at 607-746-7511. Or go to If you are my age, $26.95 is only $4.60 in 1963 dollars. Many books cost much more than that then.

Kudos to Ronald Bagnall, who retired as editor of the Lutheran Forum in July 2006. He has done a marvelous job. Paul Sauer, who has written several fine articles about Piepkorn was Interim Editor and then became Associate Editor when Sarah Hinlickly Wilson became Editor. The Interim Associate Editor was John Hannah, who has one of the four R.R.Caemmerer Jr. portraits of Piepkorn hanging in his study. He is also the new President of the ALPB Board. Paul and John are both LCMS pastors in the Bronx. Congratulations to Paul, John and Sarah!

Russell Saltzman resigned as Editor of the Forum Letter in 2007 after serving longer than any previous editor. Associate Editor Richard O. Johnson was then appointed Editor, and Peter Speckard, a LC-MS pastor, was appointed Associate Editor. Thanks to Russell for his many years of service! and congratulations to Richard and Peter!