Donate a Copy


Updated 4/08

Some seminary libraries have not ordered the book because they can get it through their consortium. It should be in all seminary libraries.

Many college and university libraries can’t afford to order it. Exceptions as of 1/08 were Valparaiso, Concordia Irvine and St. Anselm (the Center Director gave a copy to St. Anselm, where he was adjunct from 1976-85). But many Lutheran colleges and universities have a fair number of pre-seminary and deaconess students.

HOW TO DONATE A COPY in your name: If you would like to donate a copy to your alma mater, Seminary, or Church Library, let us know and we will send it in your name. Since they have the copies hard bound, they will put in a bookplate with your name on it. Especially needed is donors for overseas libraries because of the relatively high cost of postage (see above for rates). See immediately above for information on which libraries have copies. Donors for US colleges and universities are also needed because their funds for theological books are limited.

If you would like to donate the cost of sending Volume 1 and 2 to Concordia Seminary in Nagercoil, India, the cost with S&H was $27 for Volume 1 and $32 for Volume 2, or $59 for both. The books were mailed on March 19, 2008, and should be there in 6-10 days.