Piepkorn Sermons

Updated Dec 2005

I used Piepkorn’s sermon “The Three Most Important Names” for the Circumcision and Naming of Jesus at both congregations of a dual parish on January 1, 2006, receiving very strong statements of appreciation (I announced at the beginning that I was shortening and summarizing Piepkorn’s relatively long sermon). It has a powerful sequence of Law and Gospel. It is The Concorida Pulpit for 1962. The Director

There are more than 1300 sermons in the Piepkorn Papers. Since many contain many strikeovers and handwritten corrections, they do not work well with optical character recognition software. When the Center obtains voice recognition software many of these sermons will be posted here. If you are familiar with that software, please contact me. I am trying to decide between Microsoft’s and Scansoft’s.


“The Third Temptation” — St. Matthew 4:8-11
This remarkably relevant sermon from 1968 on ecumenics was printed in Lutheran Forum, 39 (Easter/Spring 2005), pp. 9-11. Digitized by Philip and Karna Secker.

Being considered for publication by a journal:

“In Tribute to Walter A. Maier”
Piepkorn preached this homily in February 1950 at one of the “thousands of spontaneous services of tribute” that were held throughout the U.S. after the death of the founder and long-time speaker of the Lutheran Hour on January 11 at the age of 56. I hope that the Lutheran Witness will publish the sermon in commemoration of the 55th anniversary of “WAM’s” death and the 75th anniversary of the Lutheran Hour (October 3, 2005). WAM encouraged Piepkorn to get a doctorate in Oriental languages and literature at the U of Chicago. Piepkorn worked for the Lutheran Hour 1931-32 and 1936-37 and sometimes filled in as Speaker. The Director is currently working on an article on the close relationship between Maier and Piepkorn and parallels between their careers.