Readings for Lay People

Updated 3/08

Lay people may find it helpful to start with these sections of the book: 
  “About Arthur Carl Piepkorn” 
  The meaning of the terms “Confessions” and “Symbols,” p. xxviii, note e. 
  Piepkorn’s belief that the Lutheran Church is older than what we know as the Roman Catholic Church, p. xxxiv, note ac. 
  The Foreword by Robert Kolb, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis 
  “What the Reformation Was Not” 
  “Subscription to the Symbols” 
  “I Believe,” especially the first three pages. 
  “The Ausgburg Confession for Our Time” 
  “The Inspiration of the Scriptures” 
  “The Significance of the Lutheran Symbols for Today.” 
  There are introductory comments on all of the documents on pp. xxxix following.