Website updates and Piepkorn presentation by Director at NE Chapter of STS

A number of new anecdotes have been added to the “Piepkorn Anecdotes” page, with more to come as time permits. On December 2-3, 2007, the Director made a presentation on Piepkorn at the New England Chapter Retreat of the Society for the Holy Trinity. The presentation was supposed to be for only two hours, but so many came (most not members) just to hear the presentation that the schedule was cleared and the Director was up for five hours. He was invited to come back and said he would, but a date was not set. Check with Dean Jack Whritenour. “The beloved, legendary Piepkorn” page was added in 10/07. “Was Piepkorn a Saint?” is on the last half of it.

Volume 2 of the Selected Writings of Arthur Carl Piepkorn was published in June 2007. See the Welcome page, and “The Selected Writings of Piepkorn” page for details.