Ordering Information

The new price for the Volume 2 paperback, when ordered alone in the continental U.S. is now : $19 + $4 S&H = $23.00. (PLEASE add $.50 S&H for each additional copy.)

The price of the CD (Version 4.0) of Volume ordered alone is: $12 postpaid.

The price of BOTH the Volume 2 paperback AND the Volume 2 CD is $24 + $4 S&H = $28. 

If you have already bought Volume 2 in paper from the ACP Center, you may buy the Volume 2 CD for $8 postpaid.

If you are a seminarian or out of the seminary fewer than five years, you may deduct $3 from all of the above prices.

I will be sending the Volume 2 CD gratis to overseas Lutheran seminary libraries as well as to many U.S. seminary libraries that do not have a printed copy of the book. Donations to support this effort are appreciated.

Volume 1 can be ordered from alpb.org. It can be ordered from me if I have copies on hand and if you order it along with Volume 2 or the CD of Volume 2. I charge what it costs me, which is $17.00 plus the prices for Volume 2 or for the CD. If you buy it with CD of volume 2, please include $4.00 for S&H. See details above.

Shipping & Handling in the U.S.

The cost by Media Mail or Library Mail (both take 2-9 business days, but usually no more than six days anywhere in the continental US) is $3.00 for one book and $.50 for each additional book.
See below for Priority Mail (“2-3 days”).

S&H for Paypal is $4.00 for one book plus $.50 for each additonal book. The extra dollar helps defray the 3% PayPal fee.

Seminarians and College and University Students

If your bookstore does not stock the volume, you may order it from the Center for the special Students only price of $19.00 + $3.00 for S&H,which equals what your bookstore is likely to charge for it. Add $.50 S&H each for additional book. Ten seminarians (all from Fort Wayne) have taken advantage of this offer as of 10/15/07.

Payment Methods

You may pay by check, money order or by PayPal.
  Sorry, but we cannot take credit cards.

Checks and money orders should be made payable to “CEC” or “The Center for Evangelical Catholicity” 
and sent to: 
  76 Willowbrook Road 
  Mansfield CT 06268-2205

PayPal payments should be sent to pseckerXXX@snet.net after you have removed the XXX, which is there to defeat web crawlers. Note that S&H for PayPal is $4.00 for one book rather than $3.00 to help defray their 3% fee. For additional books please add $.50 each.

Sales Tax (Connecticut Orders)

Connecticut orders: Please email the Director or call him about sales tax at 860-478-6162 before you order.

Delivery Time

If we know you or you are listed on a church worker or university roster we often the ship the day you order if you tell us payment is on the way. In other cases we wait for your payment to arrive, but do not wait for it to clear. To speed your order identify yourself ind include your 4 digit zip code add on.

We ship by Media Mail or Library Mail unless you instruct us otherwise. Both can be delivered in large New England cites in 2 business days, 3 to North Carolina, and 5-6 to anywhere in central US or to large cities on the West Coast. One copy made it to Australia in seven days.

IF DELIVERY TIME IS IMPORTANT, you MUST send us an email at the above address or call the director at cell phone 860-478-6121. If he is out of town, he will arrange for someone to fill your order. Your 4 digit zip code “add on” speeds delivery and helps avoid delivery errors.

Ordering Checklist

ORDERING CHECKLIST for what to send: (This list can be copied and pasted into a word processor or email.) 
  Number of copies ________ @ $22.00. 
  S&H (see above):_________ 
  Your mailing address. Please type it as you would on an envelope so we can copy and paste it into a label program. 
  The four digit add-on zip code speeds delivery. 
  Your phone number. 
  Your email address if you have one. 
  Please indicate whether you want to be on the ACP Center email list (3-6 mailings a year). A simple YES or NO will do. 
Please tell me how you learned about volume 2. As stated above under Delivery Time, if we can identify you, 
we do not wait for your payment to actually arrive if it is being sent by mail or PayPal.

Priority Mail

PRIORITY MAIL is faster except in New England but costs more: 
According to the Post Office,Priority Mail “usually takes 2-3 days” anywhere in the country
  1 book: $4.60 + $.50 packing = $5.10. 
  Up to eight (8) books can be shipped in a USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate box for $8.95 + $.50 packing = $9.45. There will be internal packing material and all flaps and seams of the box will be reinforced with USPS approved packing tape. But we cannot guarantee there will be no damage unless only six books are ordered. Seven will probably be safe too, but we are not sure.(For comparison, the cost for eight copies via Media Mail is $3.00 + $3.50 packing = $6.50, so speed is the only advantage and only for 500 miles or more.)

International Orders

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Please go to the “VOLUME 2: International Orders” page.