Letters to the Editor

Lutheran Witness, September 2006. On how to make the sign of the cross.

Forum Letter, October 2006. Piepkorn on “Suppressing the dissident orthodox.” The Easter 2008 issue of Lutheran Forum will contain a letter to the Editor on the origin of this phrase. Headnote quote, submitted by the Director.

Lutheran Forum, Una Sancta/Fall 2006. The Symbols do not understand themselves as a “guide” to interpreting the Scriptures, but as an authoritative interpretation of them. The distinction between the Scriptures as “the norming norm” and the Symbols as “the normed norm” is not found in the Symbols. After I wrote this letter I found this: “The distinction between a norma normans and a norma normata, is alien to the Lutheran Symbols and reflects a 17th century approach to the relation of the Sacred Scriptures and the Lutheran symbolical books for which the 16th century provides no documentation.” “Reflections on the Teaching of Courses in Symbolics, Mar 1966., p. 1. Vol. 2, p. 199, No. 6.

First Things, February 2007. On kneeling vs. standing — you may be surprised.

Lutheran Witness, February 2007. On who can celebrate the sacraments and on the Confessional Lutheran tradition of the self-communion of the celebrant.

Lutheran Forum, Easter/Spring, 2008.