Publications Errata

“A Closer Look at Sasse’s Critique of Piepkorn,”Lutheran Forum (Spring 2004)

  • P. 36, column 1: “[Australian Lutheran Church]” should read “[American Lutheran Church].” Thanks to John G. Strehlan, Brisbane, Australia.
  • Page 38, column 1: Robert Preus was President of Concordia Seminary, Springfield, in 1975. Thanks to Dave Scaer, Fort Wayne, IN.

“Arthur Carl Piepkorn, Confessor,”Lutheran Forum, (Fall 2004)

I asked the editor of Lutheran Forum to publish a simpler form of the following errata in the Christmas 2004 issue, but he did not do it. So I have posted the following three files here that can be downloaded or printed. If you go to one and want to return to the Website, use the <–BACK button on your browser:

  1. Errata for “Arthur Carl Piepkorn, Confessor” article
  2. “Arthur Carl Piepkorn, Confessor” August 4 2004 original final draft
  3. “Arthur Carl Piepkorn, Confessor” Changes made by Lutheran Forum

Update March 2019: The three links above no longer work as Lutheran’s Online and no longer support these sites.