Blessed Arthur Carl Piepkorn in a novel?? reports that according to an review by “Sam at Sem” in St. Louis, in Ray Keating’s novel ,Warrior Monk: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel, the last name of the president of the LCMS is “Piepkorn”! Here is the what KeatingReports quotes from the review: 
“Ray Keating has crafted a wonderful story. I love the writing style and the little details about life as a Lutheran pastor (LCMS) that have made it into the story. Many who read this work, unless they know the history of the LCMS, will miss the reference made to Arthur Carl Piepkorn, a seminary professor and gifted theologian who valued ecumenism. Keating shows his knowledge of the synod by making Piepkorn be the last name of the synod president.” 
Blessed Arthur Carl Piepkorn never even expected to teach at an LCMS seminary, much less to become synodical president, but was well known for his strong support of ecumenism.